Saturday, 25 June 2016

There are better of ways of showing your strength as party leader

Now the dust has settled on a marginal leave vote for Britain to leave the EU. The unfortunate thing is that this referendum need not have happened in the first place. For people in the UK there was a general election in 2014 in which the Conservatives were able to gain a safe majority inside the House of Commons, In the manifesto was a referendum on Britain's membership to the EU was proposed, it has now come to pass, and David Cameron is as good as resigned. Why Cameron didn't even have to call an EU referendum is how the voting system works in the UK, First past the post tends to benefit larger parties like the Conservatives so they need not have worried about the UKIP gaining a safe majority to become prime minister. Now the EU referendum has happened his gamble has backfired and brought the rest of the UK as well as Cameron's reputation down with it. 

There are indeed better ways of showing your strength as a party leader. Thatcher may not have been popular among everyone, to say the least I think she made a lot of mistakes such as not managing the failing primary industry in the North of England and not making more efforts to re train former stafff and thinking Poll tax was a good idea, but one thing she did do well is show strength, in that she sacked a lot of ministers who didn't agree with her views instead of having them stay and cause problems later this made her very unpopular among the backbenchers in the Conservative party. Cameron's aim with this referendum is that he aimed to reassure the anti EU Conservative MPs that it was a good idea to stay, this did not work at all and he is as good as resigned. Another thing is encourage leadership contests, this means that when another potential leader wants to challenge for party leader than it means that the squabbles remain inside the Conservative party and don't spread outside and bring the whole country down with it. 

To conclude the EU referendum was the perhaps the worst thing that Cameron could have done to show his strength when there were smarter and less damaging ways in which he could have, At the very end it is best said he was a career politician nothing more nothing less who was more reactive rather than pro active which is what is necessary in turbulent times such as these. 

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

general feel of rome

On arrival it was somewhat cold and instead of the seeing the sights of rome we rested for a few hours (our flight was early in the morning and nearly all of us were tired). Once we were all up we decided to see the Spanish steps which most English tourists never see and focus mostly on the colosseum and the forum but from the bottom of the steps it is a truely amazing sight because of its scale and the amount of people sitting on them. Another thing about rome is how many street vendors there are which you would never see in London at all, most are selling fake vutton handbags and the sort. Compared to french breakfasts (often croissants and coffee) italian breakfast food is generally made to be eaten cold such as various cheeses, bread and pastries and in this case there was also warmed boiled eggs which went fairly well with the other dishes.

Monday, 8 August 2011

the 39 Steps and Super 8 review

a few days a go I went to and evening show of the 39 Steps, a comedy based of the plot of a Alfred Hitchcock book and I also know that the book was turned into a film.
First of all I think that it was a fantastic play and would recommend it to anyone who is about 14 years and over. What I really enjoyed is that they were very clever of how they applied their actors of which there were about four with two of them changing their roles from time to time. I also quite like that the sketches were very clever which meant that they could nearly always make you laugh. overall I would give this play a ten out of ten because of all the reasons above.
Super 8 was a action film based of the events of camera recording (the main character and their friends are making a movie for some sort of film festival). The story begins when a train is derailed and thousands of white cubes are scattered everywhere what they are used for is explained at the end. The film itself is directed by J.J Abrams rights an interesting spin on the story E.T as it practically follows the basic plot of the movie even to the point where Steven Spielberg is the producer for the film. What I also like is that the main piece of evidence that helps the film get its point across is that the most important piece of evidence is on a roll of film in a camera which is only revealed at the end. Furthermore it is also leaves you hanging in suspence which is mostly through the rustling of leaves and the crackling of gravel. One flaw i can find is that it took a bit to long to get to the important part of the plot and this buildup was a bit dull to watch. Overall I give this film nine out of ten because of the buildup to the main part of the plot.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Buildup to the summer holidays

I am now thankfully on my summer holiday which is mentioned above in the title. Like most people I haven't done much so far, but hopefully I will have more of a portfolio by the end. I have also been given a book to read over the summer which would not be a surprise if you are doing your English GCSE or have done it, this book of course is Mice of Men which is a popular GCSE book often chosen by most schools and if you have done your GCSEs then you would've done it as well. Before our summer holidays started we actually went to Thorpe Park, One of the rides I went on was Colossus which is the world's first 10 loop rollercoaster and like most of them goes very quickly indeed. Another thing is that a lot of teachers have left the school which is quite surprisng because they didn't seem to be leaving and then it just happened. I am sorry for not posting for a long time and will hopefully be posting on a daily basis.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Trip to France

I have not posted in a long time as I have forgotten but now hear is my overview of France. We were stayin in auntibe A town near nice which you can get to by train, overall It was really nice. On the first day we went to the beach and afterwards went along the cape d'auntibe which is a large spit of land with many large houses we then headed back to the place we were staying in. On the next day we travelled toNice where we had a sort of chickpea pancake called Socca along with some mussels with a sauce that seemed to be made from cheese and saffron we than had some rather nice Sorbet of which they had a wide selection of flavours I chose Pineapple which had a very strong taste of Pineapple indeed. On our final day we went to the sea the picasso museum in Auntibe which had some of picasso work and a bit of other artists work as well We then went back to a the place we were staying and stayed their a couple of hour before we went back to the airport. However when we got to the airport there was only a snack bar and not having had dinner we had to grab a bite to eat before setiting of everything was very expensive even two baguettes and pot of Pringles cost nearly 30 quid which was a bit of a rip off from what we got apart from that there isn't much else to say.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Bathroom trouble

At the moment we are having are bathroom done; firstly the slate tiles did not arrive so in the end dad just bought some but unfortunately the shower tray is more of a problem as you can not simply buy one from your nearest DIY shop or Homebase and are still waiting for it to arrive and it is thankfully arriving tomorrow so we can get the Bathroom finished and start using it soon as possible. We had buy another shower tray because the other one we had and had come with all the bathroom fittings had chipped in transit and the chip was rather large so I'm told which meant of course buying another one. We are also going to the South of France and I will be posting through out.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Source Code review

On Saturday I went to see Source code; an interesting mix of inception and action film. Surprisingly it uses very few sets as there are about four altogether and was made by the same director who made moon also used few sets. The whole of the film seems to be set on a 8 minute loop which gives the film a tense atmosphere throughout and still manages to be at some point witty as well which is a hard thing to pull of as the two usually don't mix. By the end of the film you feel in a good mood as it has a proper ending not just a cliffhanger. You get a feeling that the director had fun while making Source Code and put a lot of thought in to the plot and knew how to make the audience feel tense which is interesting as he has only made to films that I know of and has already got the knack of keeping the audience watching. Overall I give Source Code 10 out of ten which is purely down how it made you feel throughout and at the end of the film.